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    Huarochiri: The heart of trekking in Lima, Peru

    The province of Huarochirí is one of the 10 provinces that make up the department of Lima, in the South American country of Peru.

    Geographical location: Huarochirí is located in the central part of the Lima region. It is bordered to the north by the province of Cajatambo, to the east by the province of Yauyos, to the south by the province of Cañete and to the west by the province of Lima and the Pacific Ocean.

    Capital: The capital of the province is Matucana, a town located approximately 88 kilometers east of the city of Lima, the capital of the country.

    Area and population: Huarochirí covers an area of about 4,577 square kilometers and has an estimated population of more than 75,000 inhabitants.

    Administrative division: The province of Huarochirí is divided into 22 districts, including Matucana, San Mateo, Ricardo Palma, Santa Eulalia, among others.

    Climate: Huarochirí has a varied climate due to its geographic diversity. In the higher areas of the province, located in the Andes Mountains, the climate is cold and dry, while in the lower areas, near the coast, the climate is warm and characterized by higher humidity.

    Tourist attractions in Huarochiri

    Huarochirí is known for its natural beauty and tourist attractions. Some places of interest include:

    The list of tourist attractions in the town of Huarochiri is very extensive, this is the perfect place to disconnect from the city of Lima. Waterfalls, lagoons, mountains, the perfect attraction to breathe fresh air and have contact with nature.

    Made In Mountain is the only Peruvian company that promotes trekking in Lima for foreign public, you can see our offers in the following link:

    Customs in Huarochiri

    Huarochirí is a city that has a great variety of festivals and celebrations throughout the year, which make up the cultural heritage, which are full of color, flavor and traditional love. Most of these festivities are related to religion and indigenous traditions, in which they express rituals, rhythms and enjoy the Andean gastronomy. In the last century, there were many more festivities, between vibrant dances and folkloric acts with deep religious devotion, filled life with passion and happiness.

    At the dawn of the holiday, with the sound of the bugles, with a blue sky, it was like a call for the beginning of the party. Then, with the sound of the quenas, violins and harp in the wind, while breathing the pure air of the Andes, one could contemplate the harmony of typical dances, music and even the expression of popular art, manifestations that keep alive the legacy of the culture of Huarochirí.

    The brotherhoods were in charge of organizing the religious festivities, but over time, the rural communities have taken responsibility for the celebrations of the patron saint festivities.



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