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    Trekking Palacala Waterfall 1D (full day)

    • Tour Type: Trekking
    • Departure city: Lima, Perú
    • End city: Lima, Perú
    • Price: $199 USD
    • Per person for 4 travellers (Inc. all taxes)
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    Almost three hours from the capital city of Peru, Lima; in the district of San Jerónimo de Surco, province of Huarochirí, is one of the most attractive routes for hiking in pure contact with nature. The Palacala Waterfall are a group of waterfalls located in the Matala ravine, in the district of San Jerónimo de Surco, Province of Huarochirí, Lima Region, Peru.

    The trail is pure ascent for almost 3.7 miles (6km), this hike has a moderate level of difficulty, basically because of its elevation (+-800m); the trail is very colorful because of the vegetation, especially in the months of March to October.

    Key Tour Data
    Tour Name: Trekking Palacala Waterfall 1D (full day)
    Location: Lima, Perú
    Tour Type: Walking & Trekking
    Age Requirements: 14+
    Days walking: 1 days
    Total tour time: 1 days (from Lima to Lima)
    Total walking distance: 7.4 miles (12km)
    Elevation (ascent): 2,625 ft ± (800m)
    Technical difficulty: 3 of 7
    Maximum Altitude: 9,186 ft (2800m)
    Minimum Altitude: 6,562 ft (2000m), San Jerónimo de Surco

    For many beginners in the world of hiking, reaching the Palacala Waterfall can be a challenge, but the greatest satisfaction is to reach the goal, this wonderful waterfall that is surrounded by mountains, when you see it will surprise you.

    The Palacala Waterfall, is the perfect place for trekking in Lima, Peru, experience the natural beauty through a walking through the mountains of the capital of Peru.

    Highlights Trekking Palacala Waterfall

    • Visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lima.
    • To know the highlands of Lima.
    • Hiking with pure contact with nature.

    What you get

    0 nights Accommodation

    This is a one day adventure.

    Transport included

    Travel easily from A to B (Bus)
    From your hotel to your hotel in Lima.

    1 Meals

    1 Snack(s) in the walking.


    Professional bilingual guide (End-to-end accompaniment throughout your tour package)


    Handy extras and accessories (walking stick). / Entrance ticket to Palacala Waterfall

    What is not included

    • Airport pick-up/drop-off
    • Hotel in Lima city
    • Travel insurance
    • Meals in the Lima city
    • Personal expenses
    • Single accommodation (available on request)



    Day 1 of 1: Lima 0 ft – Palacala Waterfall 10,331 ft (3149m) – Lima 0 ft

    One day before the trek, be sure to make all the necessary preparations.
    Today we will pick you up at your accommodation at 5 am. Please be fully prepared with all your personal gear. We will arrive at the town of San Jeronimo de Surco at approximately eight o’clock in the morning, this will be the starting point of our hike, previously we will take the opportunity to eat our breakfast before starting the adventure.

    The district of Surco (San Jerónimo de Surco) is one of the thirty-two districts that conform the province of Huarochirí, located in the department of Lima, in Peru. It is in the district of the Regional Government of Lima. From the center of Lima is an approximate of 80 km.

    Activity: Six hours of bus transportation (round trip), and eleven kilometer walk to the Palacala Waterfall.


    • Hotel

    • Lodging

    • Camping


    • 7.4 miles


    • 6hr


    • Train

    • Airplane

    Meals provided

    • Breakfsat

    • Lunch

    • Dinner

    • Snack

    Referential map

    • Day:
    • 1

    Essential Information

    Visa and passport information

    Citizens of the United Kingdom, citizens of Western Europe, Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and most other nationalities do not require a visa. If you have any doubts, please contact the nearest Peruvian Embassy.

    Price Guarantee

    Once your reservation is confirmed, we guarantee that the price will not increase, regardless of the circumstances. Before booking, please make sure you have read our important Information About  tour prices.

    Booking Conditions

    Before booking your Made In Mountain trip, be sure to read both our Essential Information and Booking Conditions.

    Travel Insurance

    It is a condition of booking with Made In Mountain that you have adequate valid travel insurance. It is your responsibility to take out adequate travel insurance and to ensure that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for all activities you intend to undertake during the tour, including all optional activities. Your insurance policy should fully cover you for medical expenses and emergency repatriation to your home country.
    In case of medical emergencies, illness or injury your insurance should cover the entire duration of your vacation. If you are trekking at high altitude, make sure there is no upper altitude limit that may limit or exclude coverage for your trip.

    Maximum altitude

    In this adventure you reach up to 2800 meters above sea level (Palacala Waterfall), cold and tropical climate typical of the Peruvian Andes, in most of the day you can reach temperatures around 5 to 15 degrees Celsius on average.

    Altitude information

    This trip is at an altitude where there is a risk of being affected by acute mountain sickness (AMS), a common and generally harmless condition caused by reduced air pressure and lower oxygen concentration. While the itinerary has been specifically designed to allow your body to acclimatize gradually, the rate of onset and severity, as well as the altitude at which AMS develops, can vary greatly among individuals; being physically fit offers no special protection. If symptoms develop during your trip, you should report them to your Made In Mountain leader immediately.
    Travelers with heart or lung conditions, anemia, asthma, high blood pressure, or who are taking the birth control pill should seek advice from their primary care physician and specifically mention the maximum altitude the trip reaches (refer to the trip itinerary). Bring your travel notes to your medical appointment so that your physician has all the details of your trip.
    You should have adequate travel insurance for your trip. Make sure that your insurance policy covers you up to the maximum altitude indicated above.

    About flight delays

    Made In Mountain does not currently include flights from your country of origin in its itineraries, so it is very important that you schedule your arrival in Lima 1 or 2 days prior to the start of your tour to avoid delays.


    Due to the current COVID-19 situation, visa and vaccination requirements are subject to change and you should inquire before traveling.
    At present, in the current year 2022, the Peruvian Government requires to show the vaccination card for access to public places.
    In Peru, in addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, no other vaccines are mandatory, but we recommend protection against typhoid fever, tetanus, polio and hepatitis A. Consult your travel clinic for the latest advice on malaria, dengue fever and Zika virus. Take preventive measures to avoid mosquito bites, which include mosquito repellent, as well as long pants and long-sleeved shirts to cover up when necessary.

    Expand activities in Lima

    If you plan to stay a few more days in the city of Lima and want to extend your experience to other places in this city, we can offer you other trekking and walking activities. But it will be important to let your main guide know in advance.

    Basic services in Lima

    Lima is a big city, and being the capital of the country has a wide variety of hotel and gastronomic services. We always do our best to provide or recommend you the best comfort and food when you are in this place; you will have good internet access and amenities with primary services. You can find more information about Peru here.

    Basic services in San Jerónimo de Surco

    The District of Surco is one of the 32 districts of the Province of Huarochirí in the Department of Lima, Peru; it is located four hours from the capital city (Lima). San Jerónimo de Surco (where the starting point of our hike will be) is a very small town in the process of development, so the hotel (there are no hotels) and gastronomic offer is not varied, you should not have high expectations of finding basic services in this place.
    We suggest that you bring your own food and equipment for the hike; however Made In Mountain always makes the best efforts to provide a safe and hygienic service for you to enjoy your adventure without worries.


    Drinking water is provided. Tap water in Peru is not safe to drink; boiled and filtered drinking water is provided on the trek and elsewhere your leader will purchase large water containers so you can refill your bottle.

    Lodging, meals, flights or additional services

    If you have problems to book your lodging, food, etc. or any additional service in Lima we can assist you, it is only important that you make your tour reservations well in advance.
    Remember that any additional service that is not included in this tour will have an additional cost.


    Frequent Questions

    Expand all Close all
    What is Palacala Waterfall ?

    The Palacala Waterfall are a group of waterfalls located in the Matala ravine, in the district of San Jerónimo de Surco, Province of Huarochirí, Lima Region, Peru. On the way the view is spectacular, we will always be surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery.

    The Palacala Waterfall, is the perfect place for trekking in Lima, Peru, experience the natural beauty through a walking through the mountains of the capital of Peru.

    How far is Palacala Waterfall from the Peruvian capital, Lima?

    From the center of the city of Lima to the Surco, it is approximately 80 kilometers in an easterly direction (an average of three hours by bus).

    What to expect from this trekking Palacala Waterfall ?

    This tour has been designed for those who have little time in the capital city of Lima and want to explore its mountains.
    Lima is well known for being a city of huge buildings and vehicular chaos, however very few know that a few hours away there are mountains that are still little explored and spread for foreign tourists; in this trekking you will enjoy a natural landscape.
    This tour is out of the traditional offers of Lima tourism agencies that only offer visits within the city of Lima (museums, shopping malls, etc); we are mountain lovers and that is why we have designed this adventure for you because we know that you are made in the mountains.

    What is the best season to do this adventure?

    You can do this trekking any day of the year, however, the recommended season is between the months of April to October, this season is known as the “Andean Summer”, because there are no longer many weather impediments (rain, low temperatures, fog, etc.) to better enjoy the scenery.
    However, we all know how climate change has affected the behavior of the environment, so we cannot guarantee that an “Andean summer” will be one hundred percent perfect.
    We can only guarantee the best safety for you to enjoy a hike on any day of the year.

    What is the difficulty level of this walking tour?

    This walking tour is basic level, due to the distance and altitude (see technical sheet).
    However, we ask you to measure your abilities before taking this tour, as the slopes and altitude may cause difficulties if you are not used to similar hikes.

    How fit should I be to do this walk?

    Although it is true that this is a hike that we consider moderate, we suggest that it should only be done by people in good physical condition and with previous experience in mountain hikes over 3000m.

    Will I have internet access during the trip?

    Internet access is available throughout the hike.

    I am from another country, do I need any special permission to participate in this trek?

    No, you do not need any special permission, except for your Visa or Passport, your personal identification document. We will take care of everything else.

    What will I eat along the way?

    On the way we will provide you with a snack.
    Please note that when you are in the city of Lima and San Jeronimo de Surco the food will be on your own, we do this so that you can explore the flavors of your preference, in fact, you will always have the advice and recommendation of your tour leader.

    What do I need to pack for this walking tour?

    Basically your personal gear such as your trekking clothes (pants, hiking boots, warm jackets, sunglasses, etc); once you agree to this tour we will send you in detail everything you will basically need to enjoy this adventure in the best condition.

    How many people can make up my walking group?

    Groups of up to a maximum of twelve people can be formed; our groups are always small, because we need you to live an unforgettable experience.

    If I am tired will I be able to ride a horse?

    There are no asemiles on this route.
    Made In Mountain is a travel agency exclusively for trekking lovers, that is why we always prefer that you walk to the end, we will always accompany you; however we will always have various means for assistance and emergencies.

    What happens if I get injured or get sick halfway and can no longer continue?

    If you suffer any physical injury during the journey of this adventure, our staff has the necessary training and equipment for first aid and to get you to safety.
    If you feel that you can no longer continue at any point along the way, we have a plan to move you to the nearest town and take you back to the city of San Jerónimo de Surco or Lima as the case may be.
    In both cases, for the reasons mentioned above, if you need to cut the road or cancel your itinerary to return to the city earlier than scheduled according to the itinerary, this will have an additional cost because it will require an extra management and mobilization not planned.

    Can you provide more services that are not included in this tour?

    Yes, but it will be important that you coordinate it previously with one of our travel agents, preferably before hiring the tour to configure your trip in the best way.

    I have more questions, who can answer them?

    If you have any further questions about anything associated with this tour, please do not hesitate to call or email us at
    Rest assured that we will get back to you or call you if you wish as soon as possible.

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