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    The positive impact of your trip

    There are many powerful reasons to go on a mountain adventure, from discovering new flavors to touching the deepest part of our being, our spirit.

    Our mission is to create positive change through the joy of hiking the mountains.

    We have always seen the mountains as a force for good for everyone, especially to improve people’s lives; we are an adventure travel brand with purpose, we are here to give back and share the best of our experiences.

    There are many powerful reasons to go on a mountain adventure, from discovering new flavors to touching the deepest part of our being, our spirit.

    Improve your health

    Entering the world of walking is the best option for those who believe in leading a healthy life. Those who walk are less prone to health problems because they are more active. The benefit of walking begins long before the adventure.


    Moving through the mountains includes physical activity that promotes heart health by lowering blood pressure and even preventing stroke. Walking broadens your horizons and improves brain health, making you healthy and creative. Walking is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels.


    It can help detoxify all your negative aspects and makes you active both physically and mentally and leaves you feeling healthy and rejuvenated. During a trek, you are encouraged to do things you never thought you would do. Doing this only serves to improve yourself and prove to yourself how amazing you are, and all the strength you have.

    Personal Development.

    Moving to different places is one of the best ways to enhance personal growth. It allows you to do things different from your daily routine activities.


    When you take on the challenge of a mountain adventure, you step out of your comfort zone into a different environment that makes you more responsible, gives you a sense of independence and accomplishment.


    Every adventure brings something innovative that opens you up to finding your strengths, weaknesses, morals, values, and much more. It helps you learn things about yourself, other people and other places. Many times an adventure in the mountains presents you with challenges and opportunities in a way that makes you a stronger person that leads you to a better version of yourself.


    Taking the challenge of introducing yourself to the solitude of the mountains can also offer you an unparalleled opportunity to reinvent yourself and discover who you really are.

    Practical education

    Getting into the depths of the mountains is also the best form of education that cannot be learned by watching television or reading a book. Almost everyone agrees that the real education of life happens outside our walls.


    The mountains and all that exists around them as populations teach us about economics, history, geography, sociology and different lifestyles of people. This can vary from their livelihood, culture and tradition. Book knowledge gives us only the theoretical concepts, while being face-to-face in the same places helps us to gather wisdom by understanding the real life experiences and knowledge.


    So accept and welcome the unknown and unexpected, it will make your travel experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

    Huayhuash Trekking Mountain Perú
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